How to choose LED video wall

In choosing LED video wall, it's important to consider factors apart from the strength of the manufacturers, screen quality, quality service, the outdoor installation environment is also to be considered, such as the sea and the river and other wet environments, how to choose LED video wall?

Excessive humidity cause LED video wall of PCB board, power supply, power lines and other devices are zero oxidation corrosion, resulting in failure. So this requires LED display manufacturers in the production of the display, PCB board good anti-corrosion treatment, such as its three yellow paint and other surface coating, power supply and power cord to use high-quality parts, weld corrosion is most likely to be the place , do pay attention to protection work, in particular that framework, easy to rust, do the best anti-rust treatment.

Wind power
The wind is too large, the most direct impact on LED video wall installation works, so before you want to install the screen, do stress analysis, fully taking into account the wind factor.

Strong ultraviolet of transparent LED screen surface is likely to cause aging, reducing its life, the choice of finest materials conducive to the production of the mask resist UV-induced damage.

Most usually consider rainwater main, and water seaside waterfront and other special circumstances to consider more comprehensive, good waterproofing from all directions, and required protection not less than IP65.

The system of LED dance floor

With the rapid development of high-tech, people's pursuit of higher and higher quality of life today, every family using a large screen display system, enjoy a different visual experience or LED dance floor for sale with display system.

Our company's LED dance floor can display multiple local and remote computer signals, digital signals, high definition video signals and network signal, you can open, overlay, roam anywhere on the screen, LED floor Also has a stable performance, energy environmental protection, lung life, low maintenance cost, to meet the requirements of various command centers using LED display system.

The LED dance floor Has The elegant appearance, exquisite workmanship, dimensional accuracy and stability of the resistive material. By drawing aluminum oxide surface treatment, with a strong metal texture, cabinet design, to Improve your product quality, slim line with the development trend of the industry, you can save space, quality tempered glass to bring you clear visual effects are a safe and effective prevention or LED dance floor.

HD LED Dance Floor

How to develop LED display industry

Many manufacturers lack epitaxial silicon core patents, which is a key issue constraining the development of outdoor LED display screen. The LED display industry is the core component LED epitaxial wafers and chips, which is the highest part of the industry profits. The key to solving the problem to break the limitations of the technology, to strengthen the standardization of outdoor LED, formed with independent intellectual property rights of the technology innovation system and standard system.

There is an urgent need to establish an effective monitoring mechanism to regulate the product market environment. Establish and improve the market access system, regularly publish performance and safety indicators of quality. LED display products to the market, would like to use the popularity of LED display knowledge, out inferior products. Construction of a public inspection system LED display products, the LED screen industry market norms up.

LED screen without any need for regular replacement of consumable equipment, so maintenance and repair costs low. One bright spot is larger, large-screen display wall splicing technology and traditional DLP stitching up another huge comparative advantage is a high light utilization efficiency. It also determines the LED display is easier to achieve higher display brightness. Follow the footsteps of the development of the digital age, visual information equipment throughout the market.

led screen

LED screen investment overheating led to a rapid expansion of production capacity, both upstream and downstream industry chain overcapacity. The Chinese did not grasp the core LED chip patents, blind expansion of production capacity will be caught in a vicious competition, leading to lower profits or even losses. Adjustment of industry structure, excess industry structure adjustment and eliminate backward production capacity upgrade. But also to enhance the industry's ability to accelerate innovation, and vigorously promote the innovation system.

LED displays enter the high-end market

In order to regulate the market, we have the ability to see rapid growth in the highly profitable maker of large-screen display and high-end market quickly enter the market.

The development of science and technology, large-screen, shrinkage, praise the high-end market, however, a group of development as a nation, some of the problems many manufacturers that huge screen in the economic development process begins more or less. So the big screen manufacturers are overcoming technical difficulties, trying to solve some of the unnecessary technical problems so that users be assured DLP large screen display.

After reading this article, the low-end market in the analysis of large-screen display, you ready? We must follow the development of market economy, high-quality products, high quality and low price is we have been insisting if you have a large screen display LED display need not consult us tiled display!

Details about this:

Large LED display with greater creativity

LED large screen known to have been an important part of the development of LED areas, large entertainment, sporting events, important part of the show's theme square, with the application of new technology, new emerging form of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising large LED screen media It should be timely. In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of media. And trade at the same time it was born and rooted in the city, it is the city people's economic, cultural and social lives, it is the media brand and products, it is prosperous and developed city bright logo. These features form a unique and irreplaceable outdoor media value.

LED display is the 1990s, new information display media developed rapidly at the global, it combines modern high-tech, energy saving, environmental protection, colorful, can display dynamic images and text, and a series of advantages broad visual range. Outdoor LED display advertising screen area, stunning visual effects, can fully attract the audience's attention, it is a new and high-tech combination of media. These changes created a unique and irreplaceable outdoor media value.

LED display media advertising characteristics both at high rates of effective compared with television, newspapers and other forms of media delivery, the price is relatively low. These unique value makes the China LED display media has naturally become the outdoor media upstart. Such as Times Square, New York and Tokyo, Japan CBD core area of Ginza, row upon row of led display advertising marketing is not only functional, but also a symbol of the identity of the world's leading large enterprises - in the industry dominance of the enterprise will be able to broadcast here advertising, and broadcast advertising where companies have to make people aware of its brand position in the world.

China LED Display

Different from the traditional outdoor media, China LED display is not just simple outdoor media, it also combines the features and advantages of television and other media. And, Large LED display is not just simple outdoor media and television media extension, it has more room for creativity and a broader space-time interaction and communication with consumers dimensional space to meet individual needs.

The configuration of best LED display

The best LED display configuration is how to configure it up? Full-color LED display engineering is a systematic product engineering. Lees verder...